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which Sri Rangaraya, the son of Tirumalaraya, ruled,
beginning with Vaisakha ba 15 of the year Angirasa, were
14. Then, from Magha su 11 of the year Parthira, the reign
of Venkatapatiraya lasted for 28 years, 7 months and 15
days. The members of the Lunar dynasty were not crowned
thenceforward. Those that ruled without crown afterwards :
Cikkadevaraya (ruled for) 4 months. The rule of Ramaraya,
known also as Ramadevaraya, lasted for 15 years 5 months
and 15 days. Then (there was) one year of confusion; after
that year, I will tell you about the strange events that will
happen in the middle of the year Bahudhanya.

All the forts will fall into the hands of the Turakas; all the
powerful feudatories of to-day will be sheep paying tribute to
the Turakas. People will sing about the history of Vira
Bhoja Vasantaraya.

ycts Kalaji&na ; Mae. MM. 12-19-3. f. 51.


Vidyanagara became famous as the kingdom of the
Rayas. The lineage of the Rayas who ruled on the Jewelled-
throne :

" The thirteen kings, the initial letters of whose names
are, ha, bu, ha, vi, bu, de, ra, vi, de, vi, ma, ra, vi, are the
masters of the Jewelled-throne.* They ruled the earth for two
hundred and thirty- two years.

* This is a quotation from Vidyaranya \ but the portion dealing with the
duration of the reigns of these kings differs from the original. In the foot-note to this
passage in the K*ladinrpa Vijayat the following explanation is given.

"The -list of tings that ruled on the Jewelled-throne of Vidyanagara, according to
the meaning of the symbols mentioned in the rerse above.   Hail Prosperity I    From the
victorions and prosperous Salivahana gaka year.....,corresponding to the..,...,*. ......... day

............ of the year. ..............

The years of Harihararaya

>          Harihararaya